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Cellar Door Tasting Schedule

There have been a few BIG changes at the American Wine School. As you may know, we were in Beachwood 4 years. While there are some aspects of the location that I liked....there were more cons than pros.. So, for the past 6 months, we have been looking for a new location. To date, we have not found something that works for the business. With time pressing, we decided to handle the move in two phases:

Phase #1: We have moved the American Wine School offices back downtown to our former location in the Caxton Building, 812 Huron Rd (just behind Progressive Field.) This time on the 7th floor! Both Jessica and I are excited about the move and our new location. This will enable us to do more in the community such as wine dinners, Cellar Door Tasting Nights, fundraisers, and other special events.

Phase #2: As of March 21st, Cellar Door has been safely tucked away in a storage unit until we can find a new home. For now, the American Wine School will be teaching all classes at The Viking Store in Legacy Village until we find a new home for the school. We will also host at least one Cellar Door Night each month....but will do so by taking it on the road. We are working on locations downtown and in Tremont. Call 216-685-WINE for reservations.

Please keep your eyes and ears open for cool locations that might work for the school and Cellar Door. Our goal is to open a new location by the fall of 2011.  Thanks to all of you for your continued support..."in wine there is love!"  


 Tasting & LIVE MUSIC
Cellar Door will be going on the road to venues around Cleveland. Stay tuned for details on event locations, dates, times and wine features. 

 Reservations recommended for Cellar Door Tastings 216.685.WINE